...where kids can be kids!

About Tumble Time Gymnastics

The Tumble Time Gymnastics Mission Statement

We strive to:

  • Teach not just for now, but for a lifetime.
  • Develop happy, healthy and responsible children, who have a sense of innate worth.
  • Provide a safe environment in which children love to learn, accept challenges, and care about and help others.
  • Instruct classes where gymnastics skills are used as tools to teach positive learning attitudes, with skill mastery being a secondary goal.
  • And lastly, provide a program in which every child benefits and is a "winner."

Chad and Katie Babcock

Chad and Katie Babcock, owners

Chad and Katie Babcock began building their programs with the conception of the Magic Tumble Bus mobile gymnastics in 1998. They continued to grow their programs with the opening of Tumble Time Gymnastics in the fall of 1999. Outgrowing that facility in 2004, they built a custom, environmentally-friendly "green" building, which opened in January of 2005. The current children's facility houses not only gymnastics classes, but preschool, before and after school, and camp programs. During the past years, the Babcocks have worked with thousands of Treasure Valley children.

Chad and Katie both hold Idaho Teacher Certification, as well as several U.S.A. Gymnastics Coaching and Safety Certifications. Chad is a three-time NCAA All-American Gymnast and member of the Idaho Athletic Hall of Fame. Katie is bilingual, and has worked in several public and private schools throughout the United States. Katie and Chad and their amazing staff, using their combined experience of more than 25 years, integrate action and education to equal FUN for your child.

As Tumble Time has grown over the years, so has Chad and Katie's family. While developing the program, they have brought two children into the Tumble Time family; Erik in December of 2003, and Tillie in January of 2006. However, their family will continue to grow with the new children and their parents that join the Tumble Time family each year. Their genuine love of people is the focus of their programs, which is supported by the Tumble Time motto, "Happy, Healthy Families."


My children (ages 3 and 4) attend two preschools in the valley. We signed up for Tumble Time after a scheduling change with our sitter and the fact that our "regular" preschool did not have openings on the days we needed additional care. In the five months my children have attended Tumble Time they've learned more than in any other preschool environment and it's their favorite place to be! They always ask, "Is it a Tumble Time day?" Teachers are organized and communicate information well. I appreciate the updates on the parent-teacher app and the monthly calendars. Curriculum is fun and engaging, and my children are retaining the information they learn. I cannot say enough positive about the Tumble Time preschool program! (We've also had great experiences with their gymnastics classes.)

- Janelle Yavruvian Johnson


My shy 5 year-old grandson, Simon, has been home with his mom full-time until he reluctantly started attending Tumble Time pre-school this spring. His first day was scary for him and anxiety-ridden for his mom, but Tiffany (a front desk staffer) was so thoughtful - she took video of Simon happily participating in the gym activities and sent it to his mom's cell phone. One of the children even befriended him the first day and showed him around! By the second week, Simon was befriending other children and looking forward to each day. Thank you so much Tumble Time!!

- Artie Dewey


Tumble Time Pre-School fully prepared my son for Kindergarten. He started school reading, writing, and knowing all of his letters. I have numerous parents asking me what Pre-School he attended.

- Heather Berg


Tumble Time is a great place! We’ve been coming here for gymnastics for over 5 years. Everyone is personable & friendly. From tumbling to trampoline to kicknastics the classes here helped Joey to grow in strength, confidence, cooperation, coordination, and social skills. He looks forward to class each week. The wide variety of classes and class times make it easy to find classes to fit even the busiest of schedules. I highly recommend Tumble Time Gymnastics!

- Patty Haas


For the past 6 yrs. Tumble Time has fulfilled all of my family’s educational and extra curricular needs in one location. Their Pre-School prepared my daughter so well, that we attained an academic excellence achievement award the first 6 weeks of Kindergarten. My son loves the highly social and nurturing gymnastics and school staff. All professionals and experts in their field; of course we know them as our Tumble Time family.

– The Wungwattana Family


I have to say that I am SO SO thankful for you!!! Your teamwork with the infant/toddler program is a God-send! Shana is AMAZING!!!!!! In the very short time that we have been able to utilize the gymnastics we have dramatic improvement in our daughter's motor skills. She used to fall every time she walked (seriously every single time) and now she falls maybe once a day. She runs and climbs and is learning to jump. These are huge accomplishments for us!!! I have talked to other parents in other areas who have kids with special needs and they don't have anything like this. You guys are a blessing and you have made a difference in our lives.
My daughter Faith loves gymnastics, and even when she ages out of the program, we will find a way to support her love of gymnastics. Who knows... maybe some day you will see her in the NCAA championships and we will be able to say that she got her start at Tumble Time and has conquered the challenges of her cerebral palsy. As a parent when you get all caught up in the world of having special needs sometimes it's hard to even want to look at the future, but when I think about this as a mom I get excited. Our possibilities are endless and you helped to show us that again. Thank You!!

- Kristi Young